Even though we can't travel we can still connect!

What Have We Been Up To?

Successful Virtual Classes!
Although we have not been able to travel, we have been meeting with students virtually with great success! Partnering with different colleges, we have engaged with students all across the United States, working with students who are studying social work, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and biology. With these students, we discuss health, politics, history, migration and refugee studies, and social justice issues that allow for greater cultural competencies. Through social media, videos, and live meetings, the students can interact with the locals and hear their experiences, discuss the culture, and even have a cooking lesson!

Student Testimonials
"I think the biggest takeaway from this experience is how important cultural competency is and also how important conversations are between those that come from different cultures, countries, etc. I have built up better cultural competency due to this experience which is a crucial part of working as an occupational therapist." - Amber

"Hearing firsthand from the struggles of the people in this program and also their passion is unmatched. I feel as though we gained so much insight that if I were to visit, I would be well prepared to embrace this culture and lifestyle" - Julia

"A major takeaway from this virtual program is that it is always good to look at cultures through different perspectives. There are layers to a culture that needs to be uncovered in order to truly understand someone's background." - Diana

"It was an honor to be able to learn in such an active and present way and could not be happier with my new level of understanding of the importance of embracing different cultures." - Tina

Virtual Language Classes!
Community members and students across the United States have been coming together for virtual Spanish and English lessons. Both one-on-one and group classes for all levels, everyone involved has enjoyed the learning experience of not just language, but learning more about each other and our cultures!

Virtual Self-Care Groups!
The mental health of our community has never been more important. Through group chats, social media, and virtual classes, we have made a commitment to provide different self-care options for the community. Discussions have included day-to-day checks as well as in-depth discussions on issues that are plaguing the community. We have also provided art supplies to many families to engage in multiple different art therapy techniques!

Global Talks 

 Guest speakers will join us in live sessions to talk about topics relevant to our world.   Health, politics, history, migration and refugee studies, and social justice issues will be discussed.  

Group Projects 

You will work alongside other students to create on-line projects that reflect the needs of young people around the world and the communities they live in.  Bi-lingual and multicultural project will contribute to our global knowledge and global learning.  

Community Out Reach 

Through social media, videos, and live chats, we are staying connected through virtual outreach programs that focus on education, self-care, and well-being.   Internship, volunteer service, and independent study credit available for our on-line projects.  

VN VIRTUAL ABROAD                                 

Even though we can't travel we can still connect 

Join young people and students from Costa Rica and Nicaragua to learn and share about culture, the environment, and current social issues.    Make connections and friendships through group chats, live sessions, and group projects.  Reach out to and stay connected to our community projects through videos, social media, and live conversations.  

Call for Interns! 

Independent internships available working with the Nicaraguan refugee population in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Work in health, human rights, women's issues, policy, and more!  There are over 80,000 Nicaraguans in Costa Rica who have fled since the beginning of the crisis in 2018.  Over half have political asylum but many live in precarious situations without adequate healthcare, services, or formal employment.  Work with one of our projects or with an organization that advocates migrant rights.  Contact us now to apply!

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Free Dental Services 

In January of 2020, dental hygiene students and professionals provided dental care to over 300 uninsured Nicaraguans living in exile in Costa Rica.   We will continue collaborating with Costa Rican, Nicaraguan, and international health providers to meet the needs of the exile community. 

VN Abroad is Going Abroad! 
Peru: Incan Spirituality and Modern Social Issues
A guided travel and learning experience
Next Program: 2021 

International Social Justice and Human Rights Programs

A ten day travel and learning experience led by local Peruvian guides and community partners.   We will talk about the Venezuelan refugee crisis, women's issues and the #perumetoo movement,  LGBTQ and gender issues, and Incan culture and traditions.  While learning and participating in in-depth discussions and conversations with local partners, we will also experience the beauty of Peru: from Lima, to Arequipa, to Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and end our journey at Machu Picchu.  Contact us for registration details.  


We will talk extensively about the socio political and economic crisis in Venezuela and the resulting refugee crisis in Peru, a country which has received over 1 million migrants fleeing political persecution and extreme poverty.  Leaders of women's organizations and talk about machismo, violence against women and feminicide.    Health workers and advocates will explain how healthcare is provided in Peru and efforts to reach the most marginalized and remote communities.   Volunteer with the senior population or women and children with disabilities and learn about organizational support for vulnerable population.    Indigenous communities will talk about Incan spirituality that focuses on love, learning, and work and we will analyze how present day attitudes about modern social issues including gender, health, and migration intersect with traditional values.   


Local guides, coordinators, advocates and families will accompany us as we travel through Peru and immerse ourselves in the beauty of the country and culture.  In Lima, we will stay in Miraflores and visit the historic district and cultural and culinary center of Barranca.  During our next stop in Arrequipa, we will visit markets, plazas, and museums and breathtaking views of the volcanoes that surround this UNESCO heritage site.     In Cusco, we will walk and explore the city and Incan ruins in the city.  The small towns, communities, and ruins of the Sacred Valley will be our gateway to our final destination of Machu Picchu.